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Company History


Fantasia – A Brief History

Fantasia Ceiling Fans started trading in 1985 from a retail shop in Petts Wood, London. Within five years it was a multi-million pound company supplying all the major multiples as well as independent lighting retailers and department stores.

During that time, Fantasia had the market largely to itself and created a reputation for quality and service with all products being imported from Taiwan where they had been making fans for over 30 years.

In the early 1990s, competition arrived from American fan companies. With the economic downturn, the multiples in particular were looking for lower prices and as the American companies supplied their product from China this is something they were able to offer.

Fantasia recognised that its future lay in continuing to provide the best quality, design and service and therefore decided to concentrate on the lighting retail and department store business.  While this initially resulted in a significant reduction in turnover, it set Fantasia apart from the competition and led to a period of 10 years uninterrupted growth.

Along with the change of strategy was a change of ownership as two previous employees took over the running of the company. Sue Browne then retired in 1999 to leave Tony Linger, current Managing Director, as the sole owner.

Fantasia continues to develop the ceiling fan market and in 2007 introduced their first Limited Edition model, the Blade. In 2008 came the Alpha DC motor fan which uses 60% less energy than a traditional fan and is unique to the UK market and this range has been expanded with the addition of four more DC fans; the Delta, Omega, Zeta and - new for 2015 - the Tau. The Splash fan with LED lighting is another ground-breaking fan model and this is an area that will also be developed in the future.

Fantasia continues to strive to maintain its leadership in the development of innovative, high-quality products while achieving an exceptional service level that is second to none.

If you have any question about Fantasia or its product please do not hesitate to contact us:

Managing Director
Tony Linger
Graeme Smith
Emma Warren
Richard Moore